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What Families are Saying

"My husband and I were so thankful to have Caroline by our side for the birth of our second child. We had the unfortunate, overwhelming and incredibly stressful task of needing to find a different doula 2 weeks before our due date. Caroline stepped in and made us feel so at ease- as if she had been with us for our entire pregnancy! She was incredibly knowledgeable, calming and supportive during our prenatal visits, the time leading up to labor when I would text her questions and concerns, and during our labor. She came to our home and helped us decide when it was time to head to the hospital. Once arriving there, she swiftly set up the room and was by my side. She worked seamlessly with the Midwife and nurses and was a great support for my husband as well. We had a doula for both of our births and truly believe they are worth their weight in gold! We cannot thank Caroline enough for her support and would highly recommend her!"


We hired Caroline to be our doula for the birth of our first child. She was in the process of finishing up her certification after having two children of her own and to complete her certification she needs to log births which she was very open about prior to us hiring her. We would have never known that she wasn't certified, she was so perfect for us and helped us in so many ways. We honestly could not have done it without her help. My husband was very skeptical of having someone in the room we barely knew for such an intimate event in our lives but afterwards he was so thankful that we hired her. I highly recommend Caroline, don't let her minimal experience deter you, she is a natural, she knew what I needed before I needed it and helped us make tough decision throughout the process. I ended up having a vaginal birth after nearly 40 hours of being awake (20+ hours of labor) and truly believe I could not have done so without her help.


Caroline was our Doula and we were so grateful to have her! Our labor journey didn’t go exactly as planned, but she pivoted as needed every step of the way. I knew right away I could be honest with her, telling her all of my anxieties right out of the gate. I could absolutely tell she was committed to learning about my personality and history. She went above and beyond to be sure she was supportive in the best way possible for me. She was so reassuring! When I needed her close, she was there. When I needed space, she stepped back. And even when my induction turned into a c-section, she was still so dedicated to our growing family. I definitely recommend Caroline at Align Doulas!


My husband and I hired Caroline as our doula after interviewing several prior to the birth of our first baby. Right off the bat we seemed to mesh with Caroline’s kind and outgoing personality. We enjoyed her balance of encouragement, excitement, and realism about our upcoming birth. Immediately upon hiring Caroline she shared knowledge and resources, being sure to check on me regularly and more often as my pregnancy progressed. We reviewed labor positions, hands-on, at our pre-birth visits. We later utilized these positions during my precipitous labor. Our little one came early, but due to our text conversation earlier that week, Caroline predicted that we may need her services. Even though we were technically outside of the window she was “on call” for us. She made herself available to help. Due to my quick labor/ birth there wasn’t much time for laboring at the hospital, but Caroline coached me through breathing and visualizations while we were in the car on our way to the hospital. She took photos of my husband and I during our first moments with our daughter, and helped me with my first breastfeeding session. We are extremely grateful for her care and support during this special time for our family and would highly recommend her!


Hiring a doula was the best decision I made, especially with it being my first pregnancy. Caroline answered all my questions with no judgment. She was very knowledgeable and helped educate my partner and I by providing books and other educational tools. She provided support and comfort during the whole labor process, which took awhile. She was there for me while I was having the worst contractions of my life while my partner was asleep in a chair. We both laugh about it now and it will be something I will never forget. If I ever have another child I would be honored to have Caroline on my team again!


As a first time mom, I had so many questions and concerns about the labor/delivery process. A friend had mentioned using a Doula for their birth and Caroline was the first person to come to mind. I am so glad that I reached out and decided to use her services. From the first meeting, she proved to be very knowledgeable in the birthing process, but she also cared about our individual journey and how we wanted to bring our daughter into the world. Caroline stayed with us from the moment we entered the hospital until hours after birth. She was so comforting and was a great asset to our birth team. We truthfully don't know what we would have done without her. We had a postpartum visit about a week after our birth where she came to check-in on us and our baby and she has been available for follow-up conversations as needed as well. I highly recommend Caroline and Beyond Birth WI to anyone who is looking for a Doula to be a part of their birth team.


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